Visual Grammar by Christian Leborg is a must read design book for anyone who is starting in the graphic design field or just wants to get some fundamentals of design.

Book Title: Visual Grammar by Christian Leborg

Author:Christian Leborg


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Visual Grammar Book Review

Visual Grammar is a short book, just 96 pages. In those 96 pages, you get a bunch of design terminology and fundaments laid out for you in beautiful illustrations.

The index for the chapters/pages in visual, form. Fitting for the book. But if you want a real index just turn the page a few times and you will get a traditional word index.

Visual Grammar Book Review

The book is broken down into 4 sections.

  1. Abstract (Point, Line Surface)
  2. Concrete (Form, Size, Color)
  3. Activities (Repetition, Rotation, Direction, Path)
  4. Relations (Attraction, Balance, Diffusion, Space)

In total, you have 96 words or ideas and 96 pages. Some are one on each page while others are grouped together so another could have a full two-page spread.

Visual Grammar Book Review


Visual Grammar visual distribution

As you can see in the image (above) You have two ideas. The one on the right is Informal structure so you have an image of a bunch of dots in an informal manner. Then on the left, you have an image depicting Visual Distribution. Unlike the informal structure, we see that dots are perfectly aligned. Giving you the perfect definition of Visual Distribution.

Visual Grammar distribution

Visual Grammar visual distribution

In this image (above) you have on, the left the word Influence, the illustration for this one is depicting two inflated rubber type balls bouncing off each other and deforming as they move and push forward.

On the right, we have the word modification. The illustration for this is a group of 9 squares. The top row all have squared corners.(at 90° angles). Then in the middle row, you see the corners have been changed or modified to a more rounded appearance. Finally, in the last row, you see the corners are even rounder than before. Giving you the wonderful

As you can see Visual Grammar is just that. The visual depiction of design principles in a beautiful format. It’s easy to see how this could be very useful for a first-time designer or just anyone who wants to freshen up on some terminology and look at cool illustrations.

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