Primer of Visual Literacy Book Review

Book Title: A Primer of Visual Literacy

Author:Donis A Dondis


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A Primer of Visual Literacy is one of these books that really can set someone straight on design principles and literacy. Donis Dondis does a wonderful job at exploring visual language in this labor of love. If you are a design student or just someone looking to get a grasp of this thing called visual communication, then this book is for you.

One of the best ways you have to learn design is through the visuals and examples. Primer of Visual Literacy has superb illustrations to help depict the topic at hand.


In this chapter on The Dynamics of Contrast seen (above-left side) we are shown 5 different examples of how different lines and their shapes communicate different feelings from looseness, relaxed feeling, precision or formal all with a simple form. On (right side) we see how contrast in tone is established in various ways.


On this page seen (above) we learn about what different shapes express by the direction of the line.


In this image (above) you will learn about basic proportions. From using the golden ratio to seeing how ancient cultures used this number to create some of the ancients most acclaimed buildings.

As you can see by this small review, A Primer of Visual Literacy is a fundamental design book. You will learn to understand and develop in a more precise and purposeful way.