Pretty Much Everything Book Review

Book Title: Pretty Much Everything

Author:Aaron James Draplin


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To start out, when you first open the book you are greeted with this “Ownership Section”.  With things like an expectation checklist, recipient analysis an area to list your name, address, and past awards sections. This is all just a glimpse into the mind of Aaron Draplin and Draplin Design Co. (seen below)


The book Pretty Much Everything by designer Aaron James Draplin is an autobiography on his past work, what got him to where he is now and everything else that he either loves, hates or is passionate about.

If you are a Graphic designer  you will find something of value in this book> At the very least you will be very entertained.

Pretty Much Everything Early Years

The book starts out with a glimpse into his early development stages.  Seen (Below) are some of the early designs he did when he designed snowboards.

Pretty Much Everything Early Years

Pretty Much Everything Logos

One of the things I liked with the book was all the beautiful images. That and the sheer quality of the book itself. The paper is thick and glossy making a perfect coffee table book.

Pretty Much Everything logo sketches

(Above) you see a ton of sketches Aaron Draplin did for some of the logos designed. As a logo designer myself, I really enjoyed looking over this section. I love to see how other artists get to the final product.


If you are looking for tutorials and tips and techniques on designing, you may want to check out another book. But if you want a book that will entertain, inspire and motivate you to do better and remind you to never forget to have fun

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