Logooogy 2 Book Review

  • Book Title: LogoLogy 2
  • Author:  Victionary
  • Pages288
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Logology 2 is the second edition to this fine compilation of logos sorted into categories by shape and design style. This is a great reference book for any Logo designer looking for some inspiration. Also great for just a coffee table book. Fun to look at.

The first thing you notice about Logology 2 much like the first edition is the beautifully embossed cover design.

Logooogy 2 cover design

As you can see the in the image (above) they laid out a bunch of logos on the cover all in yellow monochromatic design with just the embossed texture and a slight tint to depict the logo designs.

The book starts out by going into a ton of style guides from businesses around the world.

Companies such as:

  • Artease Cafe
  • Cardinal Cafe
  • Slice
  • Midi
  • Style Craft ReBranding
  • And many more…

Logooogy 2 Book Review

Logooogy 2 Book Style guides

As seen in the images (above) you really get an in-depth view into how other companies implement style guides into their branding structure.

Of course, the logo is the centerpiece of this branding structure.  In this image seen (below) you get to check out the logo design sketch ideas for Cardinal Cafe. I personally love to see how other artists get to the finished design.


After the section of the style guides, they get into the meat of the book. The remaining 223 ish pages are packed full of categorized logo designs.

The categories are broken down into

Graphic Icons

  • Geometry
  • Abstract
  • Emblem
  • Animate
  • Lifestyle
  • Vegetation


  • Initials
  • Type-Orientated
  • Massive
  • Structural
  • Chinese Characters
  • Illustrative



Logooogy 2 Book Review

Logooogy 2 Book logo designs

Logooogy 2 logo designs


As you can see this book has the potential to be greatly useful to a designer. You can study and inspire yourself till your designing heart is content.

You could say this book is a  “Must have” for a Logo designer. In my opinion, the logo designs are vast and you have almost every logo made in the past 40 years. But you do have a little junk mixed in with the good. Being so big with so many I guess I won’t love them all. But that does not diminish the value. If anything you could argue this raised the value as you get a fuller view of the design industry. Vs just one style or another.

If you want to get a copy and help us out at the same time. Buy the book via this link and we will get a small % of the sale.