Logo Design

By Olympia Graphics Co.

When it’s time for a Logo, it can be a daunting prospect. You know that you want something amazing, maybe you have a ton of cash maybe you don’t. How much does this even cost?

No need to worry, Let Olympia Graphics Company take the wheel and guide you down the path to a new brand image.

Why Choose Olympia Graphics Co.?

With every logo design, we will spend the time to research

  • Your Company
  • Industry
  • Top Competitors
  • Your Average Customer and their¬†experience

No matter if you have a shoestring budget or with a million dollar corporate backing you will get the attention you need and deserve. When you contact us we will reply now, not later.

This is an important job and getting it done correctly is vital.

We know your time is short and in business that is always the case. When hired we will begin today not tomorrow or next week. Plus we usually will have the designing phase done within the first few days.

What makes a good logo?

A good logo design should:

  • Look good in any color
  • Look good at any size
  • On any Material/Medium
  • Be Unique

What Do you Get ?

You will thank yourself later because:

  • Custom designs, No Clipart EVER
  • Multiple File, Size & Color Variations
  • Multiple Revisions
  • Social Page Images Available (Optional)
  • Fast Delivery

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