Book Title: Geometry of Design

Author:Kimberly Elam


Purchase from Amazon for around $16.00 – Geometry of Design: Studies in Proportion and Composition

When I first found this book I was searching for books on design and more specifically geometry in design. I wanted to learn about sacred geometry, Golden spirals and shapes of all kinds. Well, I found what I was looking for.

In Geometry of Design Kimberly Elam dives deep into the design world and history to bring back facts and info on how design and geometry are tied together.

She goes into every type of design from illustration, architecture, logo design, to furniture design and even automobile design. All of these fields can use geometry to help create a balanced and beautiful end result.

Geometry of Design The basics

The book starts out with some theory and basics of geometry and how it pertains to design fundamentals. As seen in the image above  She goes over everything from Golden section triangles, Secondary Golden Section Triangle to a Golden Section Proportions of the star pentagon.

This was exactly the info I was looking for. As I had not had the privilege to go to a design school I have taken it apon myself to learn the Fundamentals and the secrets used by the great of history such as Leonardo Da Vinci.

Geometry of Design Leonardo Da Vinci

Geometry of Design Leonardo Da Vinci 2

In these images, you see how Leonardo Di Vinci used precise angles and proportions to help design his Vitruvian Man. One really amazing feature about this book is the interactive transparent sheets you will find from time to time in the book. These help you see exactly the foundations of the images. Plus overlays are just fun.

Geometry of Design

In this illustration, you see the work of A.M Casandra and her 1925 poster titled “L’Intransigeant”. With the overlay, you really see how amazing this work really is. And it is this framework that helps bring this poster together.


Like we spoke about this isn’t all about paintings and drawings. Furniture design is looked at in this graphic showing the Barcelona Chair by Mies Van Der Rohe. This chair was designed for the international exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

As seen in the image above the chair was designed around  a circle and right angles. The Geometry of Design really helped me get further my knowledge on design and how using geometry can help keep order and form in an sometimes chaotic design world.

If you want to get a copy for yourself you can find them over on Amazon