Author: Brian W.

The Wasp

In my journey to understand and create the amazing art known as formline I ended up with a wasp. As my recent creation, you could say it’s my most up to date drawing in my learning process. This is never going to be a completed process of learning but I will enjoy en=very step of the...

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The Formline Design Series

Formline is a Pacific NW Native American art style. Using a pre-defined set of shapes the artist used these to create the design. Each shape helps move the design along by adding flow, directional movement energy, and contrast. These are some of the most common shapes associated with the formline style. For starters, the bread loaf looking shape at the top left is the king shape in formline. This shape is called an “Ovoid”. The Ovoid is one of the Key base shape that other shapes go off. Other Key shapes are the “Trigons”, these are the sucked in a triangle shape on...

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OGC Now on DesignByHumans

Olympia Graphics Co. is on DesignByHumans now and because of this you can now get our Stay Unique Design on T-shirts, Hoodies or just about any top you want. Also check out our other designs for sale.

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