Happy Sunday everyone, We finally added a new section to our humble design corner of the web. I personally love to read design books. You could almost say that I am a tad obsessed with them. There is something about finding a design book that you didn’t know existed and appears to hold great knowledge inside.

It seems that all you have to do is get the book in your hands, crack it open and let the knowledge of our designing forefathers gush upon you. Filling your brain up with all the secrets and tricks they held so dear.

Oh sorry, got a little carried away. But you may, in fact, find something useful.

Another great thing about this new section is that you get to help us out without really doing anything. How? Well if you click on a book and then purchase that book amazon will give us a % of the sale. Kind of a finders fee. So win win.

These books range from topics like

  • Graphic Design Fundamentals
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Artist Bios (Paul Rand, Saul Bass…)
  • Artist Approved Graphic Design Books
  • Logo Catalogs (Inspiration)
  • Grid Systems
  • Advanced Graphic Design

Designer-Approved Graphic Design Books you must check out.

The Best Graphic Design Books